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Loose Tie Productions is a High end HD Wedding Videography company. We work with creative cinematographers and videographers throughout the Chicago Land area creating lasting, meaningful, and fresh wedding videos. 



It was a pleasure and honor to work with Kevin and his team. He was so helpful throughout our planning process and made us feel so relaxed throughout the entire wedding day. We debated whether to hire a videographer and now months after our wedding we feel we would be devastated to not have the footage Kevin captured and video he created. It is difficult to know what you will find important after the dust settles from your wedding day, but, having a videographer with Kevin’s skill and someone with his ability to capture the important moments is irreplaceable. He captured so many important details of our day: from the moment the father-of-the-bride saw his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress, to the first look moment between the bride and groom, to the unique views of our wedding venue, to the bridesmaids giggling together, to the emotion of the guests watching the bride and groom’s first dance, to our parents faces as they watched their son and daughter say “I do”. We don’t understand how he got the angles and sounds that he did, but we are so happy he did. Every little detail from the flowers, to the guest book, to the centerpieces, to the ambiance of the venue was captured! We literally asked Kevin to hang from the rafters of the barn so we didn’t feel like we were on camera and we never once felt like he was in the way, and yet, after watching the his wedding video months later, he somehow captured everything. And, almost just as important, he did this all while helping us relax during some very high stress moments. The footage and videos he created will be treasured and watched over and over again for years to come by our family. We love that our day was documented and executed so perfectly. We will never forget the love we shared and the moments we had with all our friends and family because of Kevin.
— Danielle & Brennan
Kevin Larson and his crew were the first that I booked in planning for our wedding! He filmed my sister’s wedding the year before, and our whole family was absolutely blown away by his work. Kevin and his crew more than delivered again on our wedding day, capturing every little moment and detail. Kevin does not simply film the events throughout the day; but he creates a masterpiece that is unique and special to the individuals he is recording. Every time my husband and I watch the film, we notice something new and artistic that Kevin imposed. My friends and family commented they felt like they were watching a Hollywood film about Chris and I. It is worth any extra money to get the extended edit people!! We have a 16 minute video that allows us to relive every moment whenever we want! Not to mention the speeches, ceremony, vows, and reception. And let’s face it, as much as we try and take it all in, the wedding day is a blur.

From a professional standpoint, Kevin and his crew were AMAZING! As I’ve said numerous times, they do not miss a single detail. Yet at the same time, it is as if they are never there. Not once did I feel like they were in the way, or taking attention away from the wedding. Kevin worked so well with our photographers, bouncing ideas off of each other of shots that would capture the personalities of the bride and groom. I could go on an on about reasons to book Kevin Larson and his crew, so if anyone would like to contact me personally for a reference, I am happy to talk!
— Jessica & Chris
Kevin is a true artist in every sense. My husband and I both work in creative departments within the television and film world so our expectations for our videographer were high. We wanted someone who could execute our vision for our day but also have the ability to run with things creatively on their own. Kevin did just that- he captured the big moments but also the tiny details that whirl by so fast. It was important to us to have a well executed, cinematic video of our day but not at the cost of having our wedding day feel like a big production. Kevin blended in seamlessly and most of the time we barely knew he was there. The result, a wedding video that is a beautiful memory made into a true piece of art. When we watch it we feel like we are stepping back in time and are reliving that magical day all over again.
— Doug & Leia
Kevin and his team are extraordinarily talented and professional! They use top of the line equipment that you won’t see other wedding videographers using, and I know because I work in the field myself! The way they shoot is unobtrusive (half the time you won’t even notice they are there), but then when you see the quality of their work you will be completely blown away! I would highly recommend!
— John & Haley
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